Tropicana Cookies

(9 customer reviews)



Tropicana Cookies Hybrid with both Sativa And Indica cross of GSC and Tangie has a creamy tart fruit flavor with an energizing effect for the everyday smoker.



9 reviews for Tropicana Cookies

  1. Ubaldo

    Best carts out rn

  2. DDon

    These carts hit FR!

  3. Matt Smith

    Push charts are the best charts in my opinion. I wish they were easier to find where I live.

  4. Omar


  5. Jessica Girard

    Push are by far the best carts hands down!!!

  6. jayden silvas

    its boom

  7. Sirese

    These are fire asf!

  8. Perc

    Straight gas ⛽️ no brakes 🔥🔥

  9. Jkat

    Beast n really good quality cart

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