P.U.S.H. was established in March 2020 after over 15years of research and development in the industry. They have been able to rise quickly due to being industry leaders, setting new standards for the cannabis community with high quality all-glass products. Supporters have named P.U.S.H. the most innovative cannabis company in recent years.

PUSH is the first company to ever bring full glass, heavy metal free cartridges to the cannabis market making vaping safe for all once again.

P.U.S.H. strives to bring consumers exactly what they are searching for, with unique tasting products like no other. The P.U.S.H. menu was hand-picked by experienced connoisseurs, creating a mastered selection of the most popular strains in the industry.


The 2nd Generation P.U.S.H. all-glass tank is a wide body style of our original all-glass cart with a high grade 100% glass design, first of its kind. The extra long tip is made to optimize airflow for a true bong like rip.

Grand Daddy Punch

Granddaddy Purple is a popular indica strain with a complex grape and berry aroma. Its potent effects deliver a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation, making it a go-to for alleviation and better sleep.

Blueberry Dream

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain with effects such as cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation. It has a sweet berry flavor. Sativa strains are ideal for those in search of mood boosts or alleviation. Originating in California, it has become one of the most popular searched-for strains by consumers.

White Gushers

White gushers is named for its explosive fruit flavor. It’s a hybrid strain featuring flavors like apple, apricot, and honey. It’s ideal for experienced cannabis consumers and can help with easing the mind, stress alleviation, and can boost your mood.

Diablo OG

The Diablo cannabis strain is a mix of Grapefruit, Blueberry, and South African Sativa. This Indica has a sweet aroma, purple flowers, and fruity and spicy flavors.

Chem #4

Chem #4 is a hybrid strain known for its balanced cerebral and full-body effects, with a citrus or Pine-Sol smell and lemon flavor.

Modified Grape

Modified Grapes is a cross between GMO and Purple Punch. This strain is ideal for experienced cannabis consumers. Modified Grapes features flavors like grape, berry, and honey, with the dominant terpene being pinene. Consumers report that Modified Grape can induce drowsiness, relaxation, and arousal. This strain is ideal for stress, sleep, or unease.  


Maui Waui and Brooklyn Mango to create this flavorful tropical sweet mango mix. This strain is uplifting and invigorates the senses.


A blueberry and haze cross that provides a balanced high feeling. Additional effects may include cerebral stimulation and a relaxing full body feeling.


Blueberry Muffin x Nor Cal Purps combine together for an amazing, strong high. This strain will leave you feeling one with the couch.


Potent savory strain with a munchie-inducing and relaxing high. The alien burger strain has a dank aroma with hints of diesel and skunk. Consumers say it helps with loss of appetite, stress, and insomnia.


Snowman and Y cross bred to produce a flavorful, colorful, yet potent strain. With high amounts of THC and little to no CBD, this strain provides an even, middle of the road effect.